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When talking about Bangkok, the capital city of Thailand, the stunning Chao Phraya River definitely comes into a mention. Its nearby area is undoubtedly surrounded by endless attractions visited largely by tourists such as Tha Maharaj and Wang Lang Market. But, if we ask the locals what the must-visit place is, Wat Yannawa will surely make it to the top answer.

Yes, today we will take you on a little exploration of this ancient temple that has been located next to the Chao Phraya River for more than a century. Wat Yannawa is originally known as Wat Khok Khwai. However, during the reign of King Rama III, a junk pagoda was constructed instead of a general one because the King did not want the junk to disappear from Thai history. Consequently, Wat Khok Khwai changed its name to Wat Yannawa, which means boat.

Of course, when you arrive at Wat Yannawa, the first place we suggest you should go is certainly the junk ship pagoda. This 40 metres pagoda is made from concrete. In the back, you will find a hall containing an endless number of Buddha images. Strolling inside this small pagoda, there is a Bali room at the stern of the junk ship. So go on and pay respect like the locals do! Not sure how to? Ask them, we locals would love to help :)

After visiting the area of ​​the Yannawa junk boat, still, many interesting architecture are waiting for you to visit and worship in this temple ground, ranging from the fascinating chapel, Buddha image, Royal Monument, Maha Jedbodin Building, Tripitaka Tower. Yes, there are too many to just list here!

Aside from religious activities, if you are looking for a chilling time, Wat Yannawa is also a perfect place for that. You can make merit and enjoy the cool breeze by feeding the fish and birds. The area of ​​Wat Yannawa may not be as large as other temples, but every corner has been designed perfectly. Providing a cool and calm atmosphere. I suggest you start your trip around the Chao Phraya River by visiting Wat Yannawa first and then enjoying the sights around. Enjoy the riverside and fun day-trip with our Local Experts who will sure you every corney you might miss on your own!

TakeMeTour's Review

Wat Yannawa opens daily from 9 AM - 5.30 PM. We suggest it's a good idea to visit in the afternoon and enjoy the evening river breeze on a little boat trip! Hop on a ferry, see Wat Arun or the Temple of Dawn and its stunning reflection on the water. If you are looking for something totally different, visit Pak Khlong Talat Flower market at night. Discover the lively trades of the locals and come back home with super cheap floral goods! 

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