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Bangkok, Thailand
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Hi, I'm Taro. I'm a native Thai who was born and raised here. I love to travel and show people around Bangkok! You will surely learn our local stories without any hassle!

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Tiffany H.

The Best-Kept Secret Street Food - Explore Bangkok's Chinatown on this Night Tour

Delicious and informative!

Tried out a ton of different delicious foods, and learned a lot about food, Thai lifestyle, and the places we walked / travelled through. Taro was a great guide and just a fun person to hang out with - we had good conversations the whole night. Loved that we hopped around all over the place, and also used many modes of transportation. He was very accommodating about what foods we wanted to try (since we'd been in Bangkok previously) and had great recommendations. Because of the amount of knowledge and context that Taro provided on food and culture it was still such a worthwhile tour even though we'd visited before. The bar at the end is also super cool and a great way to end the night!

December 27, 2017
Robert L.

The Best-Kept Secret Street Food - Explore Bangkok's Chinatown on this Night Tour

Enthusiasm personified

Meeting arrangements were perfect. Taro (Amornched) was attentive and full of local information for both our trip and our 30km homeward journey, where he kindly organised our taxi. I had queries regarding a subsequent trip, and Taro displayed considerable patience in assisting me with that too. (Which thanks to him, ran smoothly as well). Chinatown Streetfood with Taro is 100% recommended by both me and my wife.

February 17, 2017
Amornched J.

Thanks Robert! Glad to hear that you've enjoyed the trip with me :)

July 13, 2017
Marcel v.

The Best-Kept Secret Street Food - Explore Bangkok's Chinatown on this Night Tour

Fantastic and yummy tour through Bangkoks streets

Amornched at first kindly postponed the tour by one day as my plane arrived way too late.
The next evening he guided me through various street stalls and patiently explained and suggested different street food outside of and in Chinatown... what a yum experience.
As a finishing highlight Amornched showed me a small music-bar, where we ended the tour with a local drink.
I can highly recommend to take the "Secret Street Food & Best of Chinatown Foodie Tour" when in Bangkok!

January 06, 2017
Amornched J.

I'm happy to hear that you love the food & local experience with me. It was such an enjoyable Friday night!

January 16, 2017
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