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Hello My name is NON. I live in Bangkok I love to be guide Traveler and show you where's amazing of Thailand, you will know more about Thailand and get a great memory with new friends.

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Alyson L.

Experience the Original Tha Kha Floating Market & Maeklong Railway Market

Superb! Highly Recommended

We've been to Thailand many , many times but Arnon's tour took us to places we've never seen and gave us foods we've never tried. An excellent way to spend the day. The quiet Tha Kha market is a very different experience to Damnoen Sunawak and Amphawa and the coconut sugar production was fascinating. Hitting Maeklong for train time, the temple in the tree, it was all good and Arnon looked after us really well. ( encouraging us to try local dishes and helping us orger was great, and don't miss the coffee!) A good car with 3 proper seat belts in the back was good too ( we are a family of 4). A highlight for sure, must do! We've done Amphawa before, it's so much easier getting down there by private car than by bus,

December 09, 2017
Hemakanta N.

Pattaya Full Day Tour. ( Day trip from Bangkok)

Fantastic,fabulous and entertained.

The guider Arnon (non ) is friendly,helpful and comfortable.I enjoy my whole day trip.

November 27, 2017

Ayutthaya City & Floating Market Tour By Private Car

Super friendly guide!

Thanks Arnon for treating us with such warm hospitality! He was on time and bought us delicious local breakfast. His ride was smooth and clean with bottled water. We totally enjoyed the trip with him! :)

November 03, 2017
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