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ningyu r.

Go On a Train Tour To Kanchanaburi Province

absolutely local experience

it is a one day train tour mainly for locals, no english broadcasting at all. It is lucky that she explained everything. In the noon, the rain dropped suddenly and heavily, she even got an extra umbrella for me. That really impressed me! When we finally went back, I would like to say this train journey makes my tour unique and welcome to my country!

July 10, 2016
Bernard T.

Go On a Train Tour To Kanchanaburi Province

Awesome and fun trip

It was an awesome and fun trip, using Takemetour to travel with the local guides, I was able to understand the history more in-depth and to hear from ON and her friend, Kate, what are the places to visit and how do the locals travel. The funny thing was that when we were at the waterfall, it was their drought period and there wasn't any water at the waterfall. Even the guides have mentioned to us that this is the first time in her entire 10-years career working there that she see the waterfall dried up. But this did not dampen our spirits, we took a local bus, to the next destination, and ON and Kate was able to make decisive decisions to alternative plans. They are awesome travel companions and guides.

June 29, 2016
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