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Bangkok, Thailand
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I'm Fon(In Thai means "Rain") from Bangkok, Thailand. I love to travel around the world and would like to show everybody my world too.

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orit m.

Experience Bangkok's Flavors With a Fantastic Floating Market Tour

very good

we had great time with Fon , It was a great opportunity to have a tour with local guide, with a lot of knowledge, very good English,we highly recommend this tour

October 07, 2017
pablo B.

Experience Bangkok's Flavors With a Fantastic Floating Market Tour

The best way to visit the market!

Fon is lovely, she took our family to visit the market as the local people does. If you are not sure what tour you can choose, pick this one.

February 12, 2017
Imogen H.

The Bangkok Flavors x Fantastic Floating Market

A great experience!

My tour with Fon was fantastic! She was a great host, friendly and very easy to talk to, which made the floating market tour a real pleasure. I would definitely recomend this tour - it's a great way to see a quieter, more rural side of the city.

January 29, 2017
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