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Bangkok, Thailand
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I was just a little girl with a lot of energy in tourism.Thailand has many beautiful places waiting for tourists to experience.My service to take you to wherever.

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Veronica T.

Take a Tour of Bangkok Most Iconic Temples

Knowledgeable pleasant amiable

My daughter and I had Methika as our guide in Bangkok for a day and she was lovely. We experienced a real taste of the city as we got to see some less touristy temples as well and lunched like the locals. She is very chatty and does her best to make you feel well looked after. She told us loads of interesting stories and she was happy to accommodate any other ideas in her tour.

January 30, 2017
Steven L.

Take a Tour of Bangkok Most Iconic Temples

Wonderful Experience

It was a well plan trips by Local tour expert and have avoid heavy tourist traffic.Lastly I would like thanks our local tour expert for making trip so comfortable.

December 29, 2016
Jin Carmel A.
Jin Carmel

Take a Tour of Bangkok Most Iconic Temples


Methika is really nice and helpful to us glad that she was our tour guide. She always smile and makes us feel very comfortable. She loves what she's doing and she really have a genuine heart, she's the reason why we fell in love with bangkok she showed us the beauty of bangkok from temples, food, market and most of all the people of Bangkok are very very nice. Methika made our life easier in Bangkok. Thumbs up. ��

November 06, 2016
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