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Bangkokyai, Thailand
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Natalie C.

Discover Local Foods in Historic Bangkok With a One-Day Food Tour

Nice and Fun Trip

If you looking for a local guide, Nury is a recomended tour guide to explore Bangkok.
Travel with her just like you travel with friend.
She is nice and fun, I and my friend really enjoy our trip with her.
She pick up us at hotel with her car 😊
We are explore old town bangkok, eat and buy street food at wang lang market, use traditional tranportation like 'tuk tuk' and boat to cross chao praya river.
Thank you Nury for the experience, see you next time 😊😊😊

May 05, 2016
soeren l.

Discover Local Foods in Historic Bangkok With a One-Day Food Tour

The real Bangkok

I had such a great time seeing Bangkok with Mounfun.
Imagine seeing Bangkok together with at friend, that is really eager to show you BKK. the real BKK.
And make sure you are ok all the time. I highly reccoment Mounfun.

April 19, 2016
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