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I'm a cadet student who love spending time meeting new friends from around the world. Let me show you fun activities at The Thailand Military Academy!

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Raymond C.

Take a Tour of the Thai Royal Military Academy with A Real Cadet

Fun, Fulfilling, Exposure

The tour is fun filling with lots of activities that can be done and for me, trying first time at archery, gliding across the water, trekking up the CRMA mountain. Pahk also explained about the history of the academy, the accomplishment of Rama V. The scenery at the academy is truly breath taking... with the mountain range covering 3 provinces! Imagine the cadet trainings at these mountains, nothing but respect for them. It is truly a place where leaders are born. There are much to learn and see here and do take the tour to know more - to have a fun fulfilling exposure to the Royal Military Academy. Thank you Pahk for the tour :)

April 25, 2017
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