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Bangkok, Thailand
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I love travelling,trekking and making new friends. I'm Thai who love Thailand and very proud of my country. So, I'd like you to see how beautiful it is and appreciate our cultures by getting close to locals.

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Toma M.

Experience Authentic Local Life along the Maeklong River

Great day trip

We had fun exploring Samut Songkhram area!

November 04, 2017
Yiru T.

Experience Authentic Local Life along the Maeklong River

Very nice local experience

Piranan really tried show us the aspects of Thailand in the our, the local food, the temple, the market. She is very polite and friendly, flexible about the schedule, even wanted to pay part of the cost of the taxi ride. Most of all, I think she is sincere about her job. You won't regret booking a tour with her.

April 10, 2017
Roland P.

Experience Authentic Local Life along the Maeklong River

Awesome outskirt of Bangkok

Very nice experience with Anne, she tried to bring me most of the places within the day, old temple, floating markers, train market. Tiring but fruitful trip.

November 06, 2016
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