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Bangkok, Thailand
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After 8 years in this neighbourhood, I believe I earn the title of local expert! Come explore this lovely area with me to the hidden corners of this shopping precint.

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Esther W.

Chulalongkorn University Walking Tour - Explore Bangkok's CBD

Flexible, Unique and Interesting

If you want to explore beyond the typical shopping and sightseeing, then this tour is for you. Ploy is very friendly and was flexible with the entire trip when I requested for changes now and then. She spoke good English and I was able to find out a lot more about "Mahalaai Chuala". We also had fun going to BACC, watching a film about Privacy and walking around to look at the exhibits. Good for single travelers and small groups!

January 28, 2017
Christopher Spot M.
Christopher Spot

Chulalongkorn University Walking Tour - Explore Bangkok's CBD

A soulful journey

It's not a typical tourist destination and activity. This is more of exploring the culture and life style of the locals.

December 24, 2016