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Hi! I'm Muk. I'm easy going and love travelling. Let me be your friends!!

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Dawn P.

Visit Red Lotus Pond and Try Lotus Petal Snack

Unique fun tour!

This is one of those experiences you'll never find on your own. It's different from the typical tourist activities, but it involves many things you definitely should do. The tour includes eating delicious local foods, browsing through a market, going out on a boat in a lotus pond, and trying a very unique lotus petal snack. We loved the whole experience. But even more important, Muk is an amazing guide. She is super attentive, friendly, and eager to ensure a good experience. We were never lacking for cold drinks, foods to taste, and interesting things to see and do. This isn't anything like a commercial tour, Muk takes you to the lotus pond in her car and you probably won't see any other tourists there. Definitely pick this experience if you want to try something a bit different during your visit to Bangkok.

September 23, 2017
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