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I am science teacher at Kuiburi Secondary School. I live at Kuiburi for 8 years and know many splendid places for everyone who love nature trip.

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Guillaume C.

See Elephants and Wildlife On a Tour of Kui Buri National Park

Awesome professional friendly

It was an amazing day! Both for the places we visited and for the wonderful and warm guidance Thatree provided. We couldn't have reached Kui Buri without him, and even if we did the experience wouldn't have been so good. Thatree also answered many of our questions about Thailand, thanks to his culture and to his open mind. We recommend him to anyone who would like to discover more about Thailand.

November 05, 2017
offek G.

See Elephants and Wildlife On a Tour of Kui Buri National Park

Great experience

We had a great time with Thatree. As requested by us, we started the day hiking up to the the famous cave in Khao Sam Roi Yot national park. On the way we stopped for photographing some cute monkeys. Later, he took us for lunch at a local restaurant with great dishes, we otherwise would never taste since the place knows only Thai and no English.
And finally, we went to Kui Buri national park, a real unknown gem, and thankfully we saw a lot of elephants, one even really close to us.
The whole trip went by very smoothly thanks to Thatree, who indulged us with his local knowledge and general interesting tidbits about thai life.
We really recommend booking with him!

October 03, 2017

See Elephants and Wildlife On a Tour of Kui Buri National Park

A true experience

Thatree was my guide for a whole day. He was more than kind and showed me a lot of things, both regarding nature and Thai culture.

First, we visited the mangroves, where we saw the Walking Fish, as they call it.
We also entered a Bhuddist temple, where Thatree explained me some of the rituals and we even performed a bunch of them, respectfully.

For lunch, he and his wife, took me to a restaurant by a lake. The landscape was beautiful and the fish we ate later had been just fished in front of our own eyes! The meal was delicious. Apart from the fish, we also ate some coconut seafood soup and a vegetable dish. All was really tasty.

After lunch, we headed to the National Park in Kui Buri, where we were really lucky and saw a lot of wild animals: a dozen of elephants, including a young male and a female with two babies. Wild bulls, wild buffaloes, hornbills, deers, lonely male elephants... and I am probable forgetting something. It was amazing.
On the way to dinner, Thatree stopped at the temple to buy a Thai herbal cream for me, for mosquito bites and many more things.

For dinner, he took me to a street restaurant to eat Rice soup. It is a very peculiar dish, where you mix a bowl of rice soup with the ingredients you have previously ordered: sweet pork sausage, spicy lemon grass salad, sauted vegetables, sweet egg and many more tasteful dishes. It was a very interesting meal.

After dinner, he was so kind as to stay with me until my night bus left, at 23.30. He left me use his computer and then, stayed with me at the bus stop until the bus came.

Thatree is a wonderful guide. He will tell you all you want to know about Thai religion, education, culture. And he will show you around taking you to the most interesting places near Kui Buri. I truly recommend the experience.

July 10, 2016
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