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Bangkok, Thailand
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Hi I'm Trong, a native Thai guy who was born and raised in Bangkok. I did my bachelor in Japan and master in the UK, and also participated in a 1-year student exchange program during high school in Norway. Therefore, I can speak basic Japanese and very basic Norwegian as well. I enjoy meeting new people and showing them around the city. Looking forward to meet you all very soon!

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Katrina A.

Bangkok 360° City Tour with Flexibility and Options!

Pleasant Experience

November 12, 2017
Igor K.

Discover local Foods in The Old Town of Bangkok

We got better idea on Thai history

Trong was excellent and since we've been on this tour with our 1yr old son, flexibility was a real key and we planned lots of things on the go.
We got better understanding on how to use Skytrain and Metro in Bangkok, loaded up lots of historical information and stories about King of Thailand and people's trust. Cultural museum of art and history was a very good supporting step for that.

And of course delicious street food experience!

November 19, 2016
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