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Hi im Toon , im from Phuket , i had more than 5 years be a tour guid and experience about tourism in Phuket and all over north and south of Thailand i also be a professional kayaker certified by ACA (american cannoeing association) ILTP lifeguard certified and 3 year experience for a tour leader and tour company operator ,however i'm still be one of a local expert . IN 2015 i move to Georgia united state and work there for 1 year. After i came back i think it would be good to do something that i can manage and own by myself ,so i found Take Me tour so now im so happy that i can run my dream trip to take people to go where ever i know and guide them , tell them the story , culture and tradition of each local i've visit , and the flexible of the programable in take me tour can help me to do it follow my dream . trust me i know good enough for my country and the local area i stay.


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