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Bangkok, Thailand
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Hi! My name is Dylan. I spent a year in Sydney and another five months in Boston before moving back to Bangkok. I have always introduced my foreign friends to my hometown when they visit me, and I guess it's time to make some more new friends now.

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sooraj s.

Bangkok as you wish!

Amazing-flexible-must do tour

I had a 12 hour layover and I found this tour to be the most apt as Dylan was flexible and he had good knowledge about the city and the locations to visit in the given span of time. He has been very welcoming and hospitable. He shared his knowledge about the city, food, Buddhism and all that I needed to know about Thailand. Overall I had an amazing day with him, enjoyed some good conversations and I am glad that I choose take me tour as I made a new friend. Thank you once again Dylan. Happy NYE 2018. Cheers bud😊

December 30, 2017
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