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Bangkok​, Thailand
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Everyone calls me Tong, I’m in my 12 years working as receptionist for Lumphini Boxing Stadium. Through my carcass path I have familiarized myself with Muay Thai and befriended with many famous boxers. I want to share my experience and authentic Muay Thai knowledge with you.

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Junpei N.

Learn the Original Muay Thai with The Champion!

Training at Real Muay Thai gym

The gym near National Stadium is real Muay thai gym which professional fighter (including 2 champions) belong to. Wuttisak is a kind guy and told me about Muay thai itself and the gym. The trainer gave me the instruction of punch and middle kick. The training was a little bit hard for me, but I was so satisfied with it. After the training we had dinner with the staff and fighters. which was usual dinner for them. As a whole, I could find the real life of them and really enjoyed it.

May 21, 2017
Marize F.

Learn the Original Muay Thai with The Champion!

It was amazing!

March 05, 2017
Joohee K.

Learn the Original Muay Thai with The Champion!

To be honest I didn't expect much at first but the trip turned out to be one of the most fun activities I've ever experienced in Thailand!!! Our local expert Tong was super friendly and easy-going. I really liked that he was not a scripted tour guide we usually encounter in tours with travel agencies. The place he took us was really local and genuine! It was super exciting to see Muey Thai fighters and even champions having their daily training and I felt previlaged to be trained in the same space right next to them!! The trainers were so good! They were very experienced and encouraging. It was my first time to try Muey Thai but I learned all the basic moves!! It was so enjoyable that I am actually planning to take a Muey Thai class now!

May 20, 2015
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