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Dao Kanong’s Doi Ti Branch is the second branch of the renowned 50-something-year-old Northern Thai restaurant. Grandpa Kanong the original chef and founder was a boxer with a knack for cooking. He’d offer to cook at the shows and the folks were hooked.


Later, Grandpa Kanong opened a huge boxing camp with Grandma Boontong. Word about their scrumptious home-cooked food for the boxers started to spread around and everyday people would come up to them and ask to buy their goodies. Finally, they decided to open a restaurant where the early day waiters were their boxers.


Apart from their classic recipes, what’s special about Dao Kanong is that their set of hors d'oeuvres includes many rare Northern Thai dishes, including the unknown-even-to-some-Thais ‘Ab Moo’ or pork seasoned with local spices. Since the spicy pork is grilled in banana leaves, the dish offers a very pleasant scent to make your mouth water. If you’re exotic food lover, here’s a chance to taste one of the most authentic and best-loved Northern Thai snacks.

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