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If you ask Thai people what pops into their mind when it comes to Prachinburi, many will very likely answer Chao Phraya Abhaibhubejhr traditional Thai medicine and herbs. While medicine and herbs might conjure up images of brown greenish concoctions and bitter tastes, Baan Lao Rueng Mueng Samoonprai (literally translated to the house that tells stories of the herbal city) will introduce you to these healthy wonders in the loveliest and most delicious ways.


A beautiful white house donated to Chao Phraya Abhaibhubejhr Hospital by the Piamsomboon family in 2016, the house itself is over 70 years. Managed by Khun Amara who was a nurse, she is passionate about not only health care but also storytelling. Complete with exhibition zones and herb garden, Baan Lao Rueng Mueng Samoonprai will serve you with stories of Prachinburi in addition to colorful herb-based food. After all, home is where warmth and hearty meals are.


Guaranteed by the Thai Select Award from the Ministry of Commerce and the Certificate of Clean Food Good Taste from the Ministry of Public Health in only the span of two years, Baan Lao Rueng Mueng Samoonprai is surely a restaurant you can’t miss when in Prachinburi. Healthy, delectable, and definitely creative. A real feast for your senses. The bluish purple shade of the noodles are the result of butterfly pea flowers. The herbs in Herb Omelette and ming aralia in Tempura-Fried Ming Aralia deliciously balance out the oily tastes. We highly recommend you visit at weekends for desserts that are simultaneously healthy and decadent.

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