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“These days people forget about Ratchaburi’s dragon jars. I want them to stay in people’s hearts.” This is Khun Aom’s inspiration for incorporating dragon jars into her noodle restaurant. Back in their glory days, these iconic jars were mainly used as water containers. Now they have also been developed into various sizes and used as plant jars. Even tissue jars and jar counters exist.


Still, the dragon jars are no longer a big thing and Khun Aom wants people to notice them. We must say it’s a great idea to open a dragon jar-themed restaurant because this way, not only locals but also travelers get to experience the craft with a twist. Remember how people drank water from dragon jars back in the day? At Guay Tiew Ong, you’ll get to taste noodles cooked in the jars! Ratchaburi Governor and Vice Governor approved.


Meticulous attention is always paid to each bowl of noodles at Guay Tiew Ong. Buying fresh ingredients every morning, always serving the noodles with hot soup, choosing spices that aren’t pungent, and of course, using dragon jars whenever possible. It’s hard to eat noodles from a jar, but staying true to her idea, Khun Aom makes sure to have “bowl-style jars” created for you. Rice with Dry Braised Chicken is another signature dish at the restaurant. An innovative delight Khun Aom came up with herself, the chicken meat is so soft you’ll feel as if it melts in your mouth.

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