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Khon Kaen through the local’s lens: TakeMeTour’s review

Nestled in the middle of North Eastern Thailand, Khon Kaen is both a major stop for many travelers, and a bypass for others. The huge Isaan town draws in visitors with its Dinosaur museum, palace-like temple and peaceful reservoir. Find out local-recommended things to do in Khon Kaen here.

Dinosaur Museum

Does it surprise you that the first spot that the archaeologists found dinosaur fossil in Thailand was here in Khon Kaen? The creature of wonder even had a local name, ‘Phuwiangosaurus’. The museum lets you explore 9 artificial fossil holes, featuring all things dino from vegetarian dinosaurs, small crocodiles and petite but furious carnivore dinosaurs. Kids will most likely have a blast examining the huge family of dinosaur statues across the museum.

Tat Fah Waterfall

Fans of natural hidden gems, head to Tat Fah Waterfall for beautiful tumbling cascades in a lush forest. As the waterfall are medium-sized and not at all popularized, you will most likely share it with a few friendly locals, or have it all for yourself. Adventurers can also hike the 7-kilometre trail up the lush mountain as a treat and a test for your body.

Wat Thung Sed Tee

Literally ‘Millionaire Field Temple’ in Thai, Wat Thung Sed Tee radiates glitz and opulence. It is believed that the temple is the holy gate that joins Hell, Earth and Heaven. A huge stupa sits above the exact spot where the three spheres meet. Inside, the paintings show Buddhist fables and illustrate those suffering in hell. 

Ubolratana Dam

Named after a Thai princess, Ubolratana Dam is among the major electricity sources and also a  chillaxing sunset spot. Stroll along the edge of the dam and have delicious Isaan meal at one of the local restaurants. Another interesting part is a few small rooms showcasing traditional Isaan kitchen that have been the everyday staple to the locals for hundreds of years.

Khon Kaen National Museum

History geeks will most likely swoon over the ancient artefacts from prehistoric days to the present. A plethora of tools and accessories from the powerful kingdoms that took turn ruling parts of Thailand, including the Khmer kingdom are shown here with well-written English descriptions. A whole zone is dedicated to the charming traditional cultures of Isaan, including regional festivals, costume, music as well as the diverse ethnic groups that have made a home out of North Eastern Thailand for centuries.

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