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Loei through the local’s lens: TakeMeTour’s Review 

Sharing its Northern border with Laos, Loei definitely benefits from the magical view and ambiance of Mekong river. Although Loei city itself is an ordinary city to most, compared to its Isaan neighbors, its lush national parks, ghost mask festival and a cosy village on the bank of Mekong draw in its own tribe of travelers. Find local-recommended things to do in Loei here.

Phu Kra Dueng National Park

A classic destination for adventurous travelers, Phu Kra Dueng’s waterfalls, lush rainforest along with its blanket of red and yellow leaves never get old. Perched up 1300 metres above sea level, the national park is a fairly challenging climb with zigzagging trails and slugs in summer. Besides the luscious nature and star-filled sky, you might also meet some adorable deer. https://www.thainationalparks.com/phu-kradueng-national-park

Chiang Khan Village

Lying along the stunning Mekong river is rows of teakwood houses of Chiang Khan village. Although the local community has seen major transformations over the years and no longer promises much when it comes to simplicity and authenticity, the modest Isaan architectures and jaw-dropping Mekong sunsets never fail to make the trip here worthwhile.

Huai Krathing Reservoir

Although Isaan is a landlocked region, its ubiquitous reservoirs in the heart of beautiful natural scenes make for great substitutes of water. Huai Krathing is no exception. Surrounded by breezy bamboo forest, the vast reservoir is a perfect spot to have a chillaxing lunch on one of the family-run floating rafts. Feast your eyes on the serene greens and your belly on the authentic Isaan dishes at very reasonable price here.

Phi Ta Khon Festival 

Every year in July, locals dress in vibrant costumes and traditional colorful ghost masks to celebrate Phi Ta Khon festival in Dansai district. Legend has it that in Buddha’s another life as a human, he and his wife had been living in a forest and were about to leave for the city. The ghosts and the wild animals were sad to see them go, so they hid among the grieving human crowd to say goodbye to the couple. The fun goes on for three days, but locals usually throw their fancy clothes in the river on the second day to bid farewell to bad lucks.  

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