Songkhla through the Local Lens: TakeMeTour's Review

One of the hidden gems of Southern Thailand, Songkhla is surrounded by beaches and is often affectionately called “The great city on two seas”. Tucked between both the Andaman Sea and Gulf of Thailand, a visit to Songkhla will take you to a world that you will not want to leave. We as your local friends want to help you by narrowing down the best places to visit during your holiday to Songkhla. Songkhla is tourist-friendly, not crowded, and is more than capable of giving you an immersive cultural experience you’re looking for. Here, we have a local-recommended guide on the best places to visit in "The great city on two seas"!  

Top 5 Places to Visit in Songkhla

1.) Samila Beach

Samila Beach is well-known for its sparkling white sandy beach, leafy pine trees, and most importantly, the mermaid statue which is actually Songkhla’s symbol. There are also cat and rat sculptures nearby the city symbol. Samila Beach is a nice, peaceful beach to take a stroll, as plenty of benches can be found along the way. Recently added facilities such as sidewalks, and pavilions have made this place one of the main attaractions of Songkhla

2.) Koh Yo

Koh Yo is an island lying on the Eastern side of Songkhla Lake and is quite easily accessible by Tinsulanond Bridge, Thailand’s longest concrete bridge. Ko Yo is definitely one of the gems of Songkhla, as it's known for its amazing and extremely fresh foods which you can enjoy sitting at top-notch waterfront restaurants in the island. Aside from food, Ko Yo also houses various museums and temples, and also a reclining Buddha.


3.) Songkhla Lake

Known to be the largest lake and the only natural freshwater lake in the Kingdom, Songkhla Lake is about 80 kilometres long and 20 to 25 kilometres wide. which encompasses the area of both Songkhla and neighboring Southern province of Phattalung. Long-tailed boat services are available for island touring all-day, so do give the several small islands such as Koh Yai, Koh Si, Koh Ha, and inclding Koh Yo for some daytime relaxation. 

4.) Tinsulanonda Bridge

The longest concrete bridge of Thailand, Tinsulanonda Bridge consists of two parts. The first part connects the coast of Songkhla town to the southern coast of Koh Yo. The second part connects the northern shores of Koh Yo to the coast of Ban Khao Khiao. Thanks to Tinsulanonda bridge, Koh Yo has become one the highlights of the city as it is easy to access. For an excellent view of the bridge, you can make a stop at the provided rest areas, 

5.) Songkhla Town 

Songkhla town is definitely worth your visit, as you'll be taken aback by its stylish traditional architecture. There are three major attractions here that you must visit, which are the Chinese Guanyin shrine, Hub Ho Hin rice mill, and the Sino-Portuguese townhouses. Don't forget to sample any streetfood stalls or restaurants in Songkhla Town. If you don't try its local food while you're there, you'll regret not doing so!  

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