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Experience a Thai Cooking Class in Bangkok


Group Size

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9 Hours


Public Transportation

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Food, Transport, Ticket

You choose 5 dishes + make a Thai curry paste, coconut milk, and sticky rice. We meet you at BTS Bang Chak and take you to a Thai market. Our professional Thai culinary school is fully air conditioned. No Heat-No Sweat-No Bugs--our guarantee.



Meet up at BTS Station (Bang Chak)


End of class (4 hours)


Meet at BTS Bang Chak, Exit 5 at the end of the elevated walkway


End of class (4 hours)

Price Conditions

Transportation fares are included.

Admission fees are included.

Meals are included.

Why this trip?

You choose 5 dishes + a curry paste to learn. You can choose from 30 available dishes. What do you want to learn? Meeting is at BTS Bang Chak, a market tour follows, eat what you cook, and our professional culinary school is fully air conditioned.

How local is it?

Our professional Thai culinary academy teaches over 200+ Thai dishes to professionals and beginners alike. We understand "authentic"; all cooking is done using woks, and all curry pastes are handmade at the school.

What makes it unique?

Visit a fresh market; learn to make a Thai curry paste from scratch using the traditional granite mortar & pestle. Learn to make coconut milk & sticky rice. All training is done in air conditioning. Next to a BTS station. NO HEAT-NO SWEAT-NO BUGS

We are the only school in Bangkok letting YOU choose your menu for any class from a list of 30 of the most popular Thai dishes. Learn how to prepare a curry paste, soup, salad, appetizer, rice, noodles, stir fry, and a dessert. UP TO YOU

Meeting Point

BTS Station

- Bang Chak

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THB 767.00 / Person
Book with TakeMeTour
and get a free insurance!
THB 767.00 / Person