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Befriend the Buffaloes, Make Your Own Buffalo Manure-Dyed Tee and Enjoy Isan Feast


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8 Hours

Feel the familial warmth at Ban Na Chueak, a rural Isan community in Sakon Nakhon where the locals live in harmony with nature and have a close bond with the buffaloes. Learn how farmers in the Northeastern region live their everyday life... and even how buffalo manure can be used to dye clothes! We'll also cook up Isan meal for you with locally sourced ingredients.

Local Life



  • Larb Pla Nin (Spicy Minced Nile Tilapia Salad)

  • Phi Yai Nam Oon (Steamed Nile Tilapia with Herbs Served with Northeastern Thai Chili Dip and Steamed Vegetables)

  • Saimai Phu Phan or Soup Thao (Grounded Nile Tilapia with Freshwater Algae, served in the rainy season only)

  • Tom Kha Pla (Fish Coconut Soup, served outside the rainy season)

  • Rukam Fruits

  • Lemongrass Drink



All menu items are subject to seasonal availability.


Please always inform your Local Expert of your food allergies and dietary restrictions.




Meet up at our meeting point
- Airport (Sakon Nakhon Airport)
- Hotel lobby (in Sakon Nakhon area)


Arrive at Ban Na Chueak Community. Meet the locals, who will greet you with sincere smiles on their faces and become your family here. Then get to know the community better from the local guide who will share with you their stories.


Let's have fun by joining the local activities. You'll learn why and how the locals' way of life is intertwined with buffaloes.

First, we'll hop onto an E-Taen (farm tractor) and enjoy the ride along the local dam. Keep your eyes open for the beauty of Buffalo Island while listening to the stories about our friendship with buffaloes. Then we'll bathe the buffaloes and collect their manure for our afternoon workshop.

After that, we'll have authentic local lunch.


Get back onto the E-Taen vehicle and travel back to the village for more local activities.

After arriving at the village, let's see how we dye our clothes with buffalo manure. You can also design your own t-shirt and take it home. Lastly, we'll see the local products.


Leave the community. Hope you had a lot of fun during our trip. We can take you back to Sakon Nakhon Airport.

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- Hotel Pickup in Sakon Nakhon Area


- Sakon Nakhon Airport

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