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Sundial, Calendar and Khmer Temples in Buriram


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4 Hours

Let's get a taste of the Phanom Rung Historical Park, the most amazing Khmer architecture site in Thailand. Enjoy Phanom Rung Festival and see the sunrise pass through the 15 gates of the park. This trip is fixed for only in April!

History & Culture



Meet up at Bus Terminal (Buriram Bus Terminal)


Let's start by going to the Phanom Rung Historical Park (1hr. drive)!


Enjoy seeing the sun rising pass through all the 15 gates of Phanom Rung Historical Park (4 times a year)!


Gain more knowledge about Phanom Rung Historical Park about its history and culture. Let's enjoy the festival, which only holds once a year!

Let's enjoy the cultural parade show! (500 Baht fee excluded)

Then, let's enjoy the light and sound show in the "Miracle of Phanom Rung".

Back to Buriram city. The time can be changed depending on us, and we'll end the trip here! Thank you for joining me!

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Why this trip?

Because this trips fix the date for the festival, if you miss this time wait for a year.

How local is it?

The Phanom rung temples is the most amazing Khmer architecture site in Thailand, aged over 1000 years old. So you can see the culture and architecture like this in Southern Isaan only.

What makes it unique?

You will see the sun rising pass through all 15 gates of Phanom rung temple (you can see 4 times a year, 2 times sunrise and 2 times sunset) and enjoin with the festival in the same time( 1 time a year).Is it unique enough?

Meeting Point

Bus Terminal

- Buriram Bus Terminal

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