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Visit Local Fresh Market, Cook Traditional Chili Paste & Dine the Thai Way


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3 Hours

This trip will change your way of tasting Thai food.You'll be taught how to cook traditional Nam-Prik platu and other unique local dishes. You'll be guided closely and cook it by yourself. We'll have a small dinner party in Thai Pinto style at my yard.

Local Life




Meet up at BTS Station (Udom Suk)


We'll walk through Udomsuk fresh market to pick some ingredients for the dinner. Also, you'll have a chance to learn some Thai words, see how suburb Bangkok market looks like and yes ! try some street food. Then I'll drive you to my home (only 10 mins)


Arrive at my home. First, you'll learn every dishes and every ingredients step by step. You'll understand the concept before cooking.


Start cooking
1. Nam-Prik platu (Thai Shrimp paste chilli sauce served with fried mackerels and vegetable)
2.Tom Yum Goong (Thai spicy shrimp soup)
3.Kraprow moo sab (spicy stir-fried minced pork with basil)
4.Kai Jeaw Moo Sub (Thai minced pork omelette)


Dinner party at my outdoor kitchen in very lovely and local atmosphere. We'll have small talk and you'll also be served with Thai herbal drink and Thai craft beers.


We'll finish dinner around 19.30 p.m. Then I'll drop you at BTS Udomsuk station.

Price Conditions

Transportation fares are included.

Admission fees are included.

Meals are included.

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Why this trip?

I'm sure you'll have different perception about Thai food. You'll know how to cook traditional Thai dishes which you could hardly see outside. This is local spot so you'll have a chance to interact closely with people. It'll be fun and memorable !

Things to prepare for the trip

1. Please let me know in advance if you have any food allergies or special dietary needs
2. Make sure you're wearing light and comfortable clothes
3. Clear your tummy and get ready for cooking party ;-)

Meeting Point

BTS Station

- Udom Suk

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