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Take your Cambodia travel to the next level with Cambodia tours and special deals on tickets for Cambodia attractions. It’s time to explore beyond Angkor Wat and be among the first to experience the unseen sides of Cambodia with friendly locals.

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Travelers come to Cambodia for Angkor Wat and stay for so much more. The genuine warmth from the locals, rich cultural heritage, and breath-taking natural landscapes are just some of the reasons why Cambodia becomes a favorite for many. So, if you’re considering a trip here, we’ve compiled all the essentials you need to know below: 

Top places to go in Cambodia 

Siem Reap 

Home to Angkor Wat and many more incredible wonders, Siem Reap is simply unmissable. After touring the temples, get dazzled by the nightlife and munch on the arrays of tasty street food. The city also has numerous other attractions, such as ziplining through the jungle!

Phnom Penh 

The capital city is where you will feel the pulse of Cambodia,  Here also stands the important museums to learn about the Khmer Rouge, the darkest period in Cambodia’s contemporary history. 


Fall in love with the slow life here at one of Cambodia’s loveliest seaside town, brimming with lush greenery, mountain views and the serene flow of the Kampot River. Be sure to also try the famous flavorful Kampot Pepper, adored by locals and international chefs alike. 


With its emerging art scene, quaint buildings and idyllic countryside, Battambang is a wonderful off-the-beaten track to explore in Cambodia. For unforgettable unique experiences, hop on its popular bamboo train and catch the spectacular sight of streams of bats leaving their caves. 


To the north of Cambodia is where you’ll find an abundance of nature to rejuvenate your mind. In Mondulkiri, Asian Elephants roam the land, mountains rise, waterfalls thunder down, and seas of forests stretch as far as the eyes can see. This is where to let out your adventurous side!

At a Glance 

Climate: Tropical and influenced by the monsoon winds

Seasons: Hot/Dry season (October-May) and Rainy season (June-September)

Language: Khmer (ខ្មែរ)  

Currency: Riel and US Dollar  

Timezone: GMT+7 

Country code: +855  

Plug outlet: A, C and G 

Common phrases: 

  • Hello = Sour Sdey (សួស្តី) 
  • Sorry = Somtus (សុំទោស) 
  • How are you? = Sok sabay te? (សុខសប្បាយទេ?) 
  • My name is… = Khnom chmous… (ខ្ញុំឈ្មោះ…)
  • Do you speak English? = Neak jes peasa Anglais te? (អ្នកចេះភាសាអង់គ្លេសទេ?)

When’s the best time to visit Cambodia?

Typically, the most popular time to visit Cambodia is between November to February. This is because the weather is generally more pleasant during this time of year. The dry season means less humidity and the weather is not as scorching hot as around March to May. 

However, if you much prefer avoiding the crowds, then it’s worth going during the rainy season. The countryside is also a wonderful green! A good bet is to go either before or after the wettest period between July and September, as the heavy rain could lead to floods. 

How to get a tourist visa in Cambodia? 

Visa on Arrival is available at the international airports in Phnom Penh, Siem Reap, and Sihanoukville. If you’re entering Cambodia by land, then you can get your visa at the International Check Point at the borders of Thailand, Vietnam, and Laos. Be prepared with your passport (with no less than 6 months validity) and a passport photo. A tourist visa for one month typically costs 30$. 

E-Visa is also available if you prefer the extra convenience. The cost (at the time of writing) is $36. 

Some countries do not need a visa to enter Cambodia, mainly ASEAN countries. The duration of stay is also 30 days with the exception of Brunei, Thailand, and Seychelles.