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In the occasion of King Bhumibol’s 6oth Birthday, Rama IX Park was built in 1987 as the biggest green space in Bangkok. The park is equipped with a grand botanical garden, a large lake and various gardens. It is located 15 kilometres from the central of Bangkok, on the outskirts area. It can be reached easily by taxi taking about 30 minutes from the Bangkok downtown.

The park opens to public daily from 5.00 am to 6 pm with 10 THB admission fee. Many people does not only come here for an exercise in the morning, but also for a picnic on a mat (available for rent) in the afternoon and idle around the park. Featured with many amenities to entertain the visitors, Rama IX Park offers a great escape from the city.

In December, there is an annual elegant flowers festival that visitors can enjoy spending time strolling around the park and absorb the beauty of nature. Moreover, during December, a winter time, the weather is also really nice as it is not too warm. Thus it is the best time to visit King Rama IX Park. In the park, visitors can find a dated building that exhibits the King Rama IX’s life, photos, painting and information about his royal projects. Though, most of it only available in Thai.

The King Rama IX Park covers more than 200 acres that it would take at least a couple hours to explore through all gardens and places in the park. There is seldom any foreigner in the King Rama IX Park, therefore this is an authentic local park. Visitors can enjoy the beautiful scenery from sunrise to sunset at the park. It is surely worth a visit and will be one of your favorite places to keep in your memory.

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Locals love to come to this enormous park for relaxing, paddling boats, taking nice portraits or even picnicing. Some time of the year, you will see a lot of students taking their graduation photo here.