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Snake farm is considered as an educational organization that give knowledge about snakes to public, tourists, government and private organizations, schools and universities. The objective is to provide people correct understanding about snakes’ habits and change their attitudes about snakes.

The Snake Farm has attracted tourists and many documentary channels from all over the world. Snake farm educates public and tourists by demonstration about venom extraction, snake handling and other things at terrariums, exhibitions or museums. Over 40,000 tourists, 60% are foreigners and 40% are Thai, visit snake farm each year and the number has increased in last 3 years.

The Snake Farm is at Queen Saovabha Memorial Institute in central Bangkok. Many travelers and locals come here for the thrilling snake-handling demonstrations and to learn more about snakes at the informative serpentarium and museum. The Snake Farm claims that they are the second oldest snake farm in the world. They develop and create seven types of venom antiserum and have more than 200 snake species in Thailand kept at the farm.

Cooperated with Thai Red Cross Society, it opened the institute in 1917 to produce various vaccines. The vaccines are for curing diseases, such as rabies and small pox, including anti-venom for people who get bitten from snakes. The purposes of the farm are to save more lives and educating the public.

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We encourage you to visit this under radar spot located near Siam and Silom area. It's both educational and entertaining.