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Find something to do before/after Techsauce Global Summit 2017?

It’s totally not a good idea staying in the hotel while you are traveling in Bangkok. There are a bunch of places out there waiting for you to explore. Our recommendation is to go with the local people who are willing to show you around and share their idea. No need to plan ahead, no worries on getting lost and scams. Just go with the flow!

Days before the event (Weekday)

For those who have a free whole day, check this out!

Day after the event (Weekend)

Check this out for interesting tours available on weekend.

During event (Evening/Night)

No problem if you have only free slot at night during the event. Here are what you can explore from evening until midnight!

For frequent visitors

Are you getting bored about the common places in Thailand? See these tours which might change your mind about traveling in Thailand. These are what you cannot find elsewhere but TakeMeTour!