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Experiences hosted by locals


On TakeMeTour, trips are hosted by real locals who know their hometowns like no other – we call them the Local experts. Rather than a tour guide going through the motions, they are like your local friend who connects and shares stories with you. With them, you’ll eat and go where the locals do, and truly get an insider’s experience of the culture.

If you’re wary of tourist attractions, our Local experts know exactly which to avoid and which are the real deal. They can even take you to places you didn’t know existed and give you the warmest welcome when you arrive.


Worried about the language barrier? Don’t be. Our Local experts can all speak English, and we are constantly looking for more Local experts who can speak other languages to bring you an authentic and meaningful experience.

Our Local experts also go through a thorough background check to ensure your safety, and all tours come with free accident insurance. We also have a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee policy, which means you only pay when you are satisfied!

So, are you ready to go with the locals? Get inspired today with our vast array of local experiences and book your tour hassle-free.