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Ayothaya Floating Market

Anyone who are looking to visit Thailand will surely have heard of its exotic cultures and unique traditions before. No wonder, when talking about its long history, so many cities come up to our minds. But, when we mention Thailand’s golden time, Ayutthaya is undoubtedly on the top list. Yes, we all know that this historical city is filled with an endless number of scenic temples and ruins that stand against the change of era. However, only few has taken a glimpse on its lively side. At Ayothaya Floating Market, you will discover the sprightly life of the locals along the canal. So, come and unveil the vigorous vibes of this old town.

Just no more than 2 hours car ride from Bangkok, you will arrive at this stunning Ayothaya Floating Market. Though only founded in 2010, this lovely community along the canal will help you retrieve what things were like in Siam 800 years ago for no doubt. Along the waterways, you will find the authentic Thai wooden house, and yes, things won’t just stop at that. The vendors are all dressed up in traditional clothes, so join them and dress like one! Here, you can enjoy different aspects of local life since Ayothaya Floating Market is divided into 23 districts or what Thais call “Amphoe”.  In this 70 acres market, you will find countless rows of shops both on docks and in the river, ranging from hand-made products, scrumptious seafood, to wickerwork.

Well, the place is super big for just a shopping spree. So, how about taking a break and go on a fun adventure? Inside Ayothaya Floating Market, located the famous Ayothaya Elephant Village where you can have an enjoyable time with the national animal of Thailand. If you’d love to know more about this historical city, you can even take a tour with these incredible beings and visit the neighborhood area. Of course, if you are getting too filled-up with the local food, visit the nearby Ayodia Market. Originally called Sian Chang Hip Market, the place is a popularly known for its international products and vintage-style photo taking spots. So, have a little stop over and get some snaps!

Ayothaya Market will certainly offer you endless vibes, whether you are looking for a relaxing day, or an adventurous moment, you can have it all. Here at the historical city of Ayutthaya, discover the prosperous day of Thailand, and the exotic local cultures hidden in every corner. Let the locals guide you to the best spots :) 

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Though we mentioned Ayothaya Floating Market has countless things to see, there’s more! Here, you can discover the authentic culture of Thailand through traditional performances which are available daily. However, check the schedule, as Light and Sound shows are usually there on weekdays, and Thai Dance Shows are performed on weekends. When visiting Ayodia Market, you will see a group of locals stopping over at Ganesh Statue for a worship. So here’s your chance to bring home a good fortune. Plus, take a stair to the second floor to see a full view of the pagoda!  

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