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Nearly every single part of Thailand hides its own unique history. But, when talking about the most glorious day of the Land of Smile, Ayutthaya is the place to be. In this 670 years old city, many footprints of the past still remain for us to explore. Follow the trails and uncover the secret of this prosperous empire at Ayutthaya Historical Park. Cherish and enjoy your relaxing day among the delicate architectural ruins at this UNESCO-listed historical island.

Surrounded by three rivers, Ayutthaya Historical Park is located in the area where the ancient capital used to situate. Here, you can walk along the breathtaking ruins, temples, and palaces in a laid-back vibe. Ayutthaya was the second capital city of Siam, one of the crucial cities for world’s diplomacy back in the day. This glorious city flourished over 400 years which was way longer than the current capital of Bangkok. So, why did the empire thrive for such a long period of time? Let’s figure that out with your own eyes! Well, inside, there are 67 ancient temples and, of course, this would take your whole week. So, we choose the best one for you. 

Wat Mahathat, or the Monastery of the Great Relic, is definitely worth a visit. Here, the massive 46 metres tall central Prang was constructed during the 1300s. However, the top afterwards collapsed, leaving the base til the current day.  Just a short stroll after you enter, you will discover the heads of Buddha statues hidden in the Banyan Tree. These Buddha statues used to be decorated along the temple ground, and are now found as the consequences from the battle during the fall of Ayutthaya. Few steps away from Wat Mahathat, you will come across Wat Ratchaburana, the temple built in Khmer style. Here, take some cool photos of the stunning 3-headed Naga, a traditional mythical serpent. Endless numbers of artifacts from these temples are waiting for you to discover. Visit the nearby Chao Sam Phraya National Museum for super cool objects found during the excavation!

Of course, though Ayutthaya Historical Park is vastly known for its great numbers of temples and ruins, this does not mean that the area cannot offer you something else! If going for a shopping spree and trying scrumptious food are your things, you doubtlessly need to stop over at Ayothaya Floating Market. At this 70 acres market, you will find all sorts of food and local products you could think of! Walking inside, the place will help you retrieve how the locals trading are like back hundreds of years ago. Don’t miss trying the famous Roti Sai Mai (Ayutthaya’s Cotton Candy wrapped in sweet roti) and the tasty grilled giant river prawn. Keep your eyes on the river for the boats with the most authentic dishes!

Just 1.50 hour drive from Bangkok, you will arrive at this beautiful city with remarkable architecture of the past. Enjoy a great range of activities, from a historical walk, food hopping, to a journey among nature. There are endless things left to be seen, and many might be in the most hidden spots. Explore every bit of Thailand’s past with our Local Experts who know best!

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Since Ayutthaya Historical Park is super big, if you are getting weary from the walk, we suggest you get on a bike and enjoy the breeze along the trail of history. If you want more sense of Thainess, hire a TukTuk ride. This should not take you more than 200THB an hour. So, try using your local language skill for the bargain! If you have a chance to visit Ayothaya Market, do not forget to check out the rows of amulet markets, the Buddhist blessed items. Here you can find the series from old to newly made amulets And of course, feed the fish. The locals believe this is one of the ways to make merits!

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