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There is a folklore that said that in the past when Chiang Mai was still a part of Lanna Kingdom. There was a war where many rulers tried to usurp power. The city governor and his wife were killed. Khun Pha Dum, the bodyguard brought their daughters which are Princess Bua Kaew, and Princess Bua Tong with some followers to escape. However, they needed water, so Princess Bua Tong prayed for a water spring. A beautiful water spring then appeared and then turned into a 150-meter-high waterfall. This is the story behind the name “Bua Tong Waterfall”. 

Bua Tong Waterfall is located at Mae Tang district, 60 kilometers from Chiang Mai. It is a 3-story waterfall unlike any other. Why? Because you can actually climb its sticky limestone surface without slipping! Bua Tong “Sticky” Waterfall got its name from a mineral deposit that is very grippy, making it relatively easy even for beginners to climb. In fact, the rocks feel like a hardened sponge!  

The original water spring (related to the folklore) of this waterfall is called “7 colors spring”, because the water reflects the sunshine, causing a rainbow-like effect. It is only 500 meters from the waterfall, so travelers usually visit the water spring too. 

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Getting to Bua Tong “Sticky” Waterfalls from Chiang Mai city center is easy if you go with a Local Expert. Not only you’ll avoid all the hassle of finding public transportation to get to the place, but you’ll have a local friend explaining to you all the history, and the safest spots to climb! The birth of 7 colors water spring and Bua Tong Waterfall is somehow a very rare natural process. If you have a chance to visit Chiang Mai, there are no reasons not to visit Bua Tong “Sticky” Waterfall.