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Chatuchak Park offers something for everyone. Whether it be from walking or jogging along the green tracks line to simply appreciating nature. 

Make sure not to miss the nearby famous Chatuchak Market, Train Museum, and Youth Traffic Garden. You can get there by the BTS Skytrain or MRT subway train – both stations are right in front of Chatuchak Park. 

Bangkok's Chatuchak Park is dotted with lush green trees and colorful flowers all year round. Its vast grassy space invites you to lie down and enjoy a picnic or walk around the park. On the plants, you can find name tags that state their kind in Thai, English and the botanical Language, Latin.

If you are in the mood for some exercise, join Bangkok locals on their jogging or cycling trip (bicycles available for rent) around the park. The route passes through beautiful sculptures, bridges, and the lake.

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On the weekends, Chatuchak Park is busier than usual with many locals come to picnic and hang out. Mats are available for rent for 20 THB or you can bring your own.  Chatuchak Park is one of Bangkok’s most popular oases and features a wide range of recreational facilities to serve both foreigners and Thais. For shopping needs, the famous Chatuchak Weekend Market is only a few steps away!