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The Erawan Museum is all about Thai literature. There is a three-headed elephant sculpture that has 33 heads in Thai literature. However, due to the size and complex structure. They reduced to only 3 heads. It is one of the most important and outstanding attractions in Samut Prakan Province. It is located on Sukhumvit Road, near Bangkok, the capital city. 

The Erawan Museum is also famous for the floating copper elephant sculpture which was built using hand-tapping techniques. Believe it or not, the total height of 43.6 meters from the elephant's head down to the base equals to the height of about a 14-17 storey building. 

The Erawan Museum is built on the ideas and imagination of Mr.Lek Wiriyaphan who is a businessman and owner of Viriyah Insurance Company. The whole museum was built from the desire to preserve the ancient artifacts that included sacred images as a heritage of Thai culture. Therefore, the Erawan Museum was built to house these valuable antiques for others to learn more about their importance.

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Getting to Erawan Museum is quite convenient. Besides driving via Sukhumvit Road or using public transportation, you can easily and comfortably travel with our Local Expert’s private car to make the trip hassle-free! If you have free time to spend a day just outside of Bangkok, this place is a good choice, too!