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If you know Chiang Mai, you definitely know about its lively city life and scenic natural attractions. But, that’s definitely not all Chiang Mai is about. On these stunning hills, hidden one of the city's fascinating sides. At Hmong Market, explore the colorful life of the local tribes. And yes, here is your chance to bring back home the coolest souvenirs!

Here, you can unmask the cultural diversity of the Land of Smile. Well, these friendly villagers at Hmong Village are undoubtedly not the first generation of their tribes. However, they are definitely the newcomers of Thailand who still maintain their super-authentic traditions till these days. The tribes are vastly known to originate in China and Tibet. To remain independent and avoid being under Chinese authorities, the Hmong started their diaspora to different countries. By 1900s, many of them settled down in the North of Thailand. Some went to Laos, or even further to the United States! And yes, the tribes can be found through Mae Hong Son, Nan, and Phrae as well. However, if you talk about Hmong at the liveliest, and of course, the cool handcraft thingies. “Hmong Market” is no wonder the place.

Walking along Kuang Men Road, if you see the endless rows of local arts & crafts work, you certainly arrive! Come enjoy your new unique shopping experience. Since the Hmong is super well-known for their handmade fashion, choose your favourite embroidered shirt, and don’t forget to take a look at the trendy batik shirt, because how can someone miss walking in Chiang Mai downtown with the chic-est tribal outfits? But if you are not into fashion and think Hmong Market might not be a place for you. Uh-huh, you are definitely wrong. Here, you can relish from authentically made stylish textiles to even jewelries. Whether you are a shopping lover or not, we bet you will come back with a bag!

If you can’t get enough of the shopping sprees, have a short walk to the nearby Warorot Market (or locally known as Kad Luang). Discover the local trades of the villagers which goes liveliest on weekend’s morning, or visit after 10 pm if you want to see fresh products flocking in from other provinces! And yes, we admit that visiting Northern Thailand, there are must-see places since you would not want to miss seeing the abundant nature and wildlives! Hike up the tallest mountain in Thailand at “Doi Inthanon”, for a breathtaking panoramic view above the treelines. Enjoy the nature to the fullest at Mae Ya Waterfall. With it’s 30 storied cliff, you can cherish the beautiful nature from both on the ground and on the top. 

There are countless fascinating things to do here in Chiang Mai, from the stunning mountains, wild nightlives, to the serene waterfall. If you are visiting Thailand, we suggest you do not skip this amazing city. Have a limited time? Our Local Experts can help you wrap this up in a fun day-trip! 

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If you are visiting Hmong Market on weekdays when the place is less busy, get your skills out and try talking to the locals. Even though most of the villagers do speak Thai, Hmongs does have their own language. So here comes your chance to learn new words! Stop over at Warorot Market (Kad Luang) for lunch and don’t miss the famous deep-fried dough sticks. You can order them in any form, whether it’s a dinosaur, an elephant, a bird (or just a dough stick), they come as you like! 

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