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Jomtien Beach is well known as a tourist attraction just 3 hours’ drive from Bangkok. Jomtien Beach is located on the south of Pattaya city and 4 kilometers away from there.  It is suitable for people who like water sports or beach activity. 

Believe it or not, the sand on Jomtien beach is different from other beaches. Some of the sand is brown, most are dark brown not white or softly as usual. There are many activities for tourists, whether it be jet skis, para-sailing, windsurf, scuba diving, and several annual sponsored sports events. They also host a 6 km bicycle ride on the beach along with the beautiful palm trees and coconut trees all the way along the beach. On the beach, there are deck chairs, parasols and hawker food available. The scenery is just serene and incredible! 

You can head to Jomtien Beach both during the day and night because it's surrounded by convenience stores, several restaurants and a few entertainment places in the nightlife. Moreover, this area is the location of Pattaya Park, which is a theme park with a swimming pool, whirlpool, a large slide, roller coaster, carousel, and first Tower shot in Thailand.

TakeMeTour's Review

Jomtien Beach is a paradise for lovers of relaxing beaches. At the same time filled with a variety of activities for those who love fun. Transportation is easy to access, as there are taxis available at Jomtien Beach and if you rent a car, there is a parking lot available. This place is one of the best choices for your long weekend or spending time with your family, and it's even better if you tag along with a local friend!