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Kiriwong Village is a small village that is well-known across the country as having the best ozone in Thailand. This village is located in Nakhon Si Thammarat province in southern Thailand. It is a place that reflects how the local communities coexist together with nature. It is the perfect place to spend your vacation with nature, local traditions, and breathe good air. It is simply one of the best choices to put on your traveling list.

These villagers have a peaceful way of life. Their main occupation is working in the mixed fruit orchard, called "Suan Som Rom" which has mangosteen and longan. The villagers here follow the community model of managing an ecotourism business. Moreover, Kiriwong Village also received an award of excellence from “Thailand Tourism Awards” for their contributions to ecotourism. Tourist services have become a new business in the community, including navigation, hikes, porter, homestay accommodations, and an ecotourism club.

Traveling to Kiriwong Village is very worthwhile because aside from being able to travel in this area with beautiful nature. Moreover, you can experience the lifestyle of the villagers in a way that you never can if you’re not out in the countryside. One landmark everyone must take a photo with is Ban Kiriwong Bridge, and other important spots like Nan Hin Tha Ha, Tha Ha bridge, Nam Sri Wang Tham Sok Rajrat Cave and Wang Mai Pak Waterfall. Everywhere is still rich in nature, and complete with the surrounding forest.

Kiriwong Village is about 9 kilometers from Muang district and at least 30 minutes from the airport. Moreover, there is a lot of activities to do here such as candle making and tie-dyeing that you can enjoy it all day. So, a day here with our Local Expert breathing in the cleanest air in Thailand doesn’t sound like a bad idea, right?