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Koh Kret is completely different from Bangkok. in Koh Kret, people live in a traditional community with a very simple lifestyle. They stay in wooden huts with palm trees nearby their homes. The temples at Koh Kret are old, and rustic, thus, its old-school charms remain. People normally come to Koh Kret to walk around and check out goods in the pottery shops.

The population of Koh Kret is predominantly Mon, which has settled here since the Ayutthaya period. Mon people also have their own traditional Songkran Festival at Koh Kret, Amphoe Pak Kret. There are caravans and traditional Mon shows to entertain people for a week after April 13th.  

Visitors can see Mon traditional dance which has been inherited for ages. The Mon classical Dancing usually accompanies with the Mon gamelan. This reckons as a very precious heritage to Mon successors at Pak Kret, Phra Pradaeng, and Pathum Thani. 

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Koh Kret is a truly unique community within the large suburb city of Nonthaburi, not very far from Bangkok's city center. Come to Koh Kret, and you'll get to see some pottery workshops, where you can even try your hand at making one! Furthermore, there are a few Thai dessert houses in the area where lots of locals would go there for rare traditional desserts not commonly found nowadays. 

If you are into unique cultures and vibes, come to Koh Kret, and you won't be left disappointed! 

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