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So nice to see the quieter side of Bangkok. and Really a great day out of Bangkok's easiest green getaway, Ko Kret is an artificial "Island" We will end the day with Thai Relaxing Chill Out...



Meet up at your preferred meeting point
- BTS Station (Wongwian Yai)
- Hotel lobby (in Bangkok area)


Bang Chak Temple (Wat Bang Chak) , Nonthaburi
History : Wat Bang Chak is located on the west bank of the Chao Phraya River, opposite Koh Kret island.

What to see : The temple's large but aesthetically unappealing Buddha image looks out across the river.


Koh Kret Island : boarding the cross-river ferry that leaves from Wat Bang Chak, The real fun of Koh Kret is cruising through the tiny hamlets, enjoying the soothing rural views and stopping for a cool drink as the mood strikes.


Lunch at Ko-Kret Island : Other Mon dishes sold on Koh Kret include kanom jeen, fermented rice noodles eaten with a variety of different curries, and a rice dish known as kow chaa.


have fun Enjoy making and Learn your own Ancient pottery in Ko-Kret Island


boarding the cross-river ferry back to Wat Bang Chak fro To drive to the "Wat SuanKaeo"


Wat Suan Kaew : WatSuanKaeo is a center for the promotion of Buddhist practices and knowledge. Also at the location is the shopping of used old antique and Collectibles. (second hand inexpensive)


drive back to Bangkok to go Wat Worachanyawat for Relaxing time Thai Massage.
(Body Massage or Foot massage / Choose one)

WAT WORACHANYAWAT- the ancient civil temple was built on the bank of chao praya river, We see a huge sleeping Buddha.


I'll drive you back to the Hotel

Price Conditions

Transportation fares are included.

Admission fees are included.

Meals are included.

Why this trip?

this wonderful place. A quick ferry ride across the river takes you away from the madness of Bangkok and into the tranquility of Ko-Kret. Pottery, gifts and food is all very reasonably priced and plentiful. This was a wonderful experience!

How local is it?

to walk around the whole island, and I discovered friendly locals and curious all happy to say a friendly hello. The shopping here was great, it's your been able to look at things, without being pushed or hassled to buy.

What makes it unique?

The food is wonderful and the vendors are quite happy for you to taste first. This was a wonderful experience and I highly recommend this if you need to take a break from every day Bangkok.

Things to prepare for the trip

Hat, Sunglasses, Camera and Physical strength Required !

Meeting Points

Hotel Pickup

- Hotel Pickup in Bangkok Area

BTS Station

- Wongwian Yai

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Book with TakeMeTour
and get a free insurance!
THB 3,500.00 / Person