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Bangkok, Thailand
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Hello! My Name Siriphong (Phong,) I was born in Bangkok. I like take a traveling and photography to Visit Lifestyle people in Bangkok and Suburbs. and i like to Making friends form around the world opens up the world for me! Unlocked your new experience with me learn the history and culture. hope to see you and enjoy together around my local area.

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Philipp H.

Tuk Tuk Bangkok Night Tour!

The perfect trip

We were two guys and had such ah great time with Siripong. He is such ah warmly and friendly tour guide. Really enjoyed the amazing tour with him.

May 04, 2017
Siriphong P.

Thank you for joining with me. on a special night !
hope meet again! on Next other trip. Danke schön.!

May 04, 2017
viv b.

Cheap & Fun TukTuk Tour

Very disappointed

The local was not a local! We walked a fair bit before hailing a Tuk Tuk which he expected me to pay for. Did not know much on the history of the 2 temples we visited and his English was very poor

February 16, 2017
Siriphong P.

Dear VIV, I'm not happy also... This would not be fair for me on this trip! your sister She refused to pay anything on this trip!? please see condition your booking "Cheap & Fun TukTuk Tour" Food, Transportation, Admission fee excluded. Link :

but your sister She refused to pay anything! I can cancel this trip. But I'm not do it! I have responsibility for duties nicely the best and polite. your Sister, would expect High-class but this not! this is Local tour. and this trip my emoluments this not much! But I have to pay this Throughout on the trip! for your sister. Hope you will understand !

February 17, 2017
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