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The Thai History Gallery in the Sivamokhaphiman Hall covers Thailand’s history from the Sukhothai and Ayutthaya Periods to the present period or Rattanakosin. The Archaeological and Art History collection, the second collection, includes prehistoric artifacts like Buddha images from the Dvaravati Period.

In addition to Thailand’s treasures, Bangkok National Museum exhibits decorative arts and artifacts from various countries. The last collection, named the Decorative Arts and Ethnological Collection, features weapons from China, musical instruments from other Southeast Asian countries and more.

Art isn’t the only thing to admire at Bangkok National Museum. Each building is an outstanding example of Thai architecture, such as the teak Tam NakDaeng or the Red House and the Buddhaisawan Chapel. The Funeral Chariot Hall houses carriages used in royal cremations.

TakeMeTour's Review

The National Museum is often underrated while located very close by the Grand Palace. It holds a lot of Thailand's history and interesting artifacts. Make time for a visit here, you won't be disappointed.