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Anyone who knows Bangkok definitely knows about its high-rise buildings and busting shopping malls. Of course, an endless number of local markets are there for you to explore, and yes we literally mean it. There are way too many to be counted. Choosing one on your special trip then can be super difficult. However, if you ask the locals what are the must-visits, not so many immediately pop up to our mind like this one. Visit Pak Khlong Talat Flower Market, and see life in the capital from another perspective.

Pak Khlong Talat literally means “market at the mouth of the canal”. Well, this unique flower market did not just appear a few years ago like the fast-changing vibes of Bangkok. Its history actually dates back to the 1700s in the reign of Rama I. The area is originally a floating market (no wonder the locals refer to it as “Pak Khlong”). However, by 1910, the place already became a fish market. And later on, the fish market slowly became Bangkok’s super-popular flower market (yes, we have no idea how, too). This dazzling flower market is lively from day to night for over 60 years. Countless types of flowers are sold here, some we might never have seen before, ranging from dried ones to blooming ones. 

Walking inside, you will come across the colorful scents of fresh flowers, even covering up all the smell from the street food stalls outside. Here, you can come back home with a stunning flower product at a wholesale price! So, even if you can’t buy fresh flowers back home, still, don’t lose your chance in grabbing the dried local goods! Of course, you might believe that such a market would probably be sprightly at day. Well it’s true, however, it’s most sprightly and busy at midnight to dawn! Flowers have always had a symbolic meaning for Thais, so how about finding this out more in detail? Visit the Museum of Floral Culture, the colonial style mansion in Dusit. Here, walk through the multi-theme “The Temple of Flowers” exhibition hall where you can explore the long relationship between nature and people.

And yes, being super near the so-called “Mouth of the Canal”, here’s your chance to enjoy the fun boat ride! Hop on the long-tail boat and discover the riverside beauty at dusk. Don’t skip seeing the famous exquisite Wat Arun of “The Temple of Dawn”, the temple is usually decorated with dazzling lights at night, making a stunning reflection on the calm river. If you need something to spice up your evening, drop off at Yodpiman Riverwalk, and stroll along the arcade. Plenty of restaurants with the best scenery are here for you to choose! 

Bangkok has so much more to offer apart from its famous downtown and shopping centres. Unveil another side of the local in the most authentic place hidden in the bustling city. Discover the coolest part of Thailand you cannot see elsewhere with the locals :)

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Visiting Pak Khlong Talat Flower Market, you will find loads of flowers at a super-cheap price. So, how about learning more about Thailand’s culture through these floral goods. Buy some, and let’s make the Jasmine garland with our Local Experts, the decorative wreath Thais use to represent their respect towards a person! Plus, if you have some time left during the day, we suggest you also visit the Grand Palace, the residence of former Kings (King Rama I - V), but be sure to check out the dress codes properly!

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