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Thailand is popularly known as the land of Buddhism, where endless dazzling temples are located. If you’re travelling to Bangkok, there are a variety of choices for you to choose from the riverside temple, to the one with the largest Buddha statue. But, not so many people know that just less than a one-hour car ride from Bangkok, there’s another side of Central Thailand that is culturally rich. Today, we are taking you to Nakhon Pathom where Thailand’s oldest Buddhist stupa and UNESCO World Heritage site is found at “Phra Pathom Chedi”.

Phra Pathom Chedi literally means “the first holy stupa”, and this is pretty much true. Because, this ancient chedi dates back to the ancient time whilst no one knows the exact year it was built. However, it is predicted to be constructed in 269 BC, and that was when Buddhism started to spread out in Thailand. So, if you’re a history lover, this is the right place for you. Later in the reign of King Rama III, there was a renovation of Phra Pathom Chedi and the stunning Chinese tiles were added to the stupa. With several restorations till the early 20th century, this exquisite Chedi still remains its structure of the past.

When walking inside, you will come across the fascinating Northern Vihara where you can step on a grand staircase. This is also where the ashes of King Rama VI are kept. And, of course! You wouldn’t want to miss getting some wishes and good fortune come true when visiting Phra Pathom Chedi. Just right inside the Northern Vihara, situated the famous Phra Ruang Rodjanarith Buddha image. Take a walk a bit further, you can discover the tallest stupa of Thailand. Standing against the time, this chedi is 120 metres tall, and it is one of the iconic landmarks here at Nakhon Pathom. Take a glimpse at the charming mixture of architectural style from traditional Thai, Sri Lanka, to Chinese art. 

Well, we could say that there are so many more to explore in this magnificent place. If you’d love to see the Reclining Buddha Image and the excavated items from the ancient times, you take a visit at the Viharas and the National Museum of Phra Pathom Chedi that are just a few steps away! But don’t miss the highlights for the foodies! Right next to Phra Pathom Chedi, located a fresh market where you can taste all the real local dishes, and even buy some Buddhist amulets. Go take a look to see the history of each of them!

If you have some free time, Nakhon Pathom will make a perfect choice especially if you travel to Bangkok, a half day trip is more than enough! There are countless things to discover apart from this stunning chedi, from the elegant royal palace to, the unique dragon temple, to a floating market! Explore and see Thailand for a local’s eyes with our Local Experts :)

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Phra Pathom Chedi opens daily from 7:00 AM - 8:00 PM with the entrance fee of 50THB. However, if you’d love to take a look around the museum, you should take a visit before 4:30 PM, when it is closing. Coming here is relatively easy. You can travel by car and taxi, or even by train if you are keen to get some local feels. And yes, travelling to Nakhon Pathom, don’t forget to try its iconic “Grapefruit”, it's even mentioned in the provincial slogan!

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