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Sri Nakhon Khuean Khan Park is located in one area of ​​the Chao Phraya River, surrounded by tall buildings of the Bangkok metropolis. Just across Chao Phraya River you will find Sri Nakhon Khuean Khan Park, located in Bang Krachao, or “The Lungs of Bangkok”. This park is different from a general park because of the shades and various kinds of plants in the style of a countryside garden. Best of all, this park never gets crowded!

In this park, there are many bicycle rental spots that are not expensive. People come here to visit, walk and exercise. This park also has an area of ​​about 200 Rai with a birdwatching garden. Birdwatching tower is a check-in point in this park for anyone that visiting here. The bird-watching tower is deep inside the garden by following a bicycle path. The birdwatching tower is a 7-meter-high observation tower with a square shape. 

Sri Nakhon Khuean Khan Park is a popular place for birdwatchers who do not have to go far to other provinces. Here, you can see lovely birds from the middle of Bangkok. There is also a bridge that has a walkway to watch nature along the swamp. This bridge is made from a 2-meter wide, and 160-meter long hardwood with a fence around the edge. 

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There are 3 ways to get here by boat, bus and private car. At the entrance, there is a shop to rent bicycles for 20-30 Baht/day (the shop closes around 6 pm to 7 pm). In other places, you can rent them from the ferry terminal, Bang Namphueng Floating Market or other spots. However, coming here with a Local Expert will make this whole process a breeze! Furthermore, there’ll be no hassles of figuring out how to get here.

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