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Bangkok is not just all about its lively street life. It is also vastly known for the famous Mae Nam Chao Phraya, the main river flowing through the city. Having long been one of Bangkok’s major transportation routes, you can find countless trendy spots along the way. But, if you are getting weary from seeing rows of high-rise buildings, wouldn’t it be a great idea to explore some artsy bits hidden in the simplicity? At this urban oasis “Tha Maharaj”, the laid-back atmosphere and mellow moods will brighten up your day. Sit back and feel the light breeze of the river while enjoying a great range of cool activities!  

Tha Maharaj is a community mall that shows us a harmonious blend of the old and the new. Located in Rattanakosin Island, the place gentrified the old riverfront shop into an open-air avenue. Inside, there is a large selection of restaurants from desserts to authentic Thai food. What’s more is the freshly made seafood dishes! The colourful art shows are also usually there for you to take a look. Take a step up to the second floor for a spacious yard with a panoramic river scene. Enjoy the live music gigs with a stunning view in the background. But, if you are keen to see a more historical aspect, you can do so by taking a short walk to Tha Prachan and Wang Lang area, the centre for amulets and local trade.  

Walking around Tha Maharaj area, it is not so unusual to see plenty of passersby dressing in cool fashion. Bucket hat, flare jeans, and fresh DIY kicks. The area is just minutes away from one of Thailand’s most famous arts universities, Silpakorn. Tha Maharaj is then undoubtedly filled with artsy cafes and exhibitions, usually considered as the main hub for local artists and creative groupies. If you are an art enthusiast, you definitely need to stop off at the nearby “Jam Factory”. Get a sip of coffee, and dilly-dally by taking a look at artworks. The Jam Factory is an all in one place if you need some relief from city life. 

The place was originally set afloat by Duangrit Bunnag, one of the Thai A-list architectures. Inside this converted old factory, you can find a cafe, bookshops, galleries, and a warehouse. But, if you are looking for something more up-to-the-minute, the area hosts the ground for nifty ideas every now and then. College students pop up their stalls to sell handmade products and display their boxfresh designs. So, having a visit on the arts & crafts market day would be a great choice for shizzle! 

Of course, what is the point in taking the day off to just enjoy the riverside and miss the boat ride? Tha Maharaj can be easily accessed. If you are using BTS Skytrain as the main way of transportation, get off at Taksin station and hop on Chao Phraya Express Boat, only 30 THB and you arrive at the pier!  

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Unquestionably, travelling across the world, you need some Instagrammable posts. Just in front of the parking entrance of Tha Maharaj, there is a bicycle wall decorated with lights, making one of the venue’s chic-est spots in the evening time. So how about getting some poses! Stopping by at The Jam Factory, do not miss the chance to try the signature green net waffle. If you have some time left, visit the neighbouring temple, Wat Pho, especially if you are a Bangkok first-time visitor. Inside, situated the 46 metres long “Reclining Buddha”, one of Thailand’s biggest Buddha statues, Further tips, not all the boats stopping at Taksin BTS Station go to Tha Maharaj. To get there directly, wait for the ferry with a blue flag, that stops to pick you up every 30 minutes. Getting on and off the boat can be a bit confusing, ask the staff members to make sure you are on the right one, or travel with our Local Experts for an easier journey!