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Travelling on a long trip can be exhausting sometimes, and having some getaways might be what you are looking for. Sitting under the silvan amongst the sound of birds chirping is then a perfect idea for a chilled day off. At “Wat Bang Kung”, the shades of Banyan trees will help you find peace of mind and cherish the beauty of nature. Having a walk through this ancient temple and along the side of Mae Klong river, you will experience a different world full of spiritualism and novelty.

Just after entering Wat Bang Kung, stands the iconic Sanctuary that is hidden under the branches and roots of trees. Not so surprisingly, the hall is vastly known as Bot Prok Pho (meaning sanctuary covered up by Bodhi tree). Inside, enshrined the famous golden Nila Manee Buddha Statue. It is not so unusual that in such a peaceful place, many Thais visit the sanctuary daily to worship the figure. And if you have some time, do not forget to gild the gold leaf on the statue for good luck like the locals do!

As widely known, Thailand is the land of Buddhism. However, the sacredness of this place does not just come out of nowhere. Situated in Samut Songkhram, it is believed that Bang Kung Temple was built over 300 years ago in the glorious day of Ayutthaya Kingdom. However, the Burmese attack unforeseeably came in the mid 18th century. Not long after, King Ekkathat commanded the army to set up the camp around the temple and Wat Bang Kung is thereafter a spiritual anchor of the people. Unexpectedly, Ayutthaya’s soldiers could not withstand the powerful Burmese army. The battle wrecked the camp down to a great length. Being the centre of Thais hearts and minds during wartime, King Taksin of Thonburi took charge in the restoration and the protection from the enemies after regaining the country’s independence. 

Of course, it is a bright idea to spice up your relaxing day with a bit of fun. Not only is it a religious and historical site, the temple is also well known for the variety of artwork found in every corner.  The famous life-size Thai Boxing statues is a must-see. Nearly a hundred traditional Muay Thai kick boxers are fighting in numerous poses. Walking further you might find it is a little random as you discover a display of vintage planes and the zoo area. Here, there are horse stables and goats. You can even find camels, ostriches, crocodiles, and  black bears!

Wat Bang Kung is not only a historical remain, but also a place of commemoration, heroism, and hope. Take a step back on this ancient route and enjoy the beauty of the old time.

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