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Thailand is vastly known as a country of Buddhism. Not only its countless temples are full of the spirits of the locals, but also exquisite architecture and endless history. Prayoon Temple is one interesting cultural site in Bangkok. This temple stands out with many things, whether it’s a large inverted bell-shaped pagoda, turtle ‘mountain’ housing spirit houses and a pond where visitors can feed the turtles. Not quite sure what these are all are? Take a glimpse with your own eyes!

Wat Prayoon also known as Wat Rua Lek, located near the foot of the Phra Phut Yot Fa Bridge, you’ll experience a scenic view just from visit the temple.Though Wat Prayoon is in Bangkok, just a few step away, it is located on Thonburi side. Being built since the Rattanakosin during the reign of Rama III, the place is filled with history and the past.

Well, every name has its own stories. The reason this temple is called Wat Rua Lek is that once you enter the temple you will see the striking red metal fence (Rua Lek means iron fence). When you walk through the iron fence into the temple grounds, you will find much traditional Thai architecture here in Wat Prayoon.

Of course, traveling to the stunning temple, there are things that you should not miss! The important point we suggest you should visit is Phra Prayurakhan Museum. Currently used as a library for the public, you will come across a serene vibe. Cool breeze and quiet day, what could make it more perfect to read some books? And yes, we need to mention that Phra Prayurakhan Museum is also the first public library in Thailand. If you come here, you will learn about ancient relics in the olden days of Thailand.

Another must see thing is definitely Phra Mahathat Chedi, the pagoda completed during the reign of King Rama IV. This 169 years old pagoda is over 60 metres tall making it one of the largest chedi in Bangkok. But, if this is not eye-opening enough for you, just a short walk away, you will discover one of Bangkok’s Landmark “Khao Mor” meaning Mountain Mor. Here, you will unmask a large replica mountain in the middle of the pond, resembling candle drippings. The area is also surrounded by rare plants. So come get some snaps and worship like a Thai!

Coming here is super easy and fun. Youhop on a river taxi to Saphan Phut Pier, then walk on the bridge across the river. Seeing the red iron fence at the foot of the bridge? That definitely means you’ve arrived at Wat Prayoon.

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The visit time of Wat Prayoon is daily from 9.00 - 21.00, so there’s no need to be an early bird to get to the temple! If you are getting a one-day boat pass, we suggest you don’t miss dropping off at Tha Maharaj. Here, you can enjoy having lunch among the panoramic view of Chao Phraya River. Or, visit Wang Lang to explore the artsy hub of Bangkok and try authentic scrumptiously-made food!

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