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When planning a trip to Thailand, Bangkok, and Phuket are definitely on the list. But, of course, there are so many more places left to be explored. So, how about trying something different? Sukhothai is a city vastly known as the first capital city of Thailand. Its glorious day dates back to 700 years ago. No wonder, many historical places are found here. Just a few hours drive from Bangkok, discover Wat Si Chum, and fill yourself with endless history retrieved from the past.

Wat Si Chum is located in Sukhothai Historical Park with an area of over 70 square kilometers. The prominent point when visiting Wat Si Chum is surely the ancient sanctuary. Walking inside, you will come across a super-relaxing vibe. The atmosphere around this ancient sanctuary is surrounded by greenery. The sanctuary, over time, has now had some parts that have fallen apart, leaving only the building for us to see. Yes, don’t miss taking a glimpse at Phra Achana, a 11 meters large Buddha Image.

Looking from the outside, the place may look like an ordinary sanctuary. However, stepping inside, you will discover fascinating designs. Here, walk along  the tunnels hidden away and go up the stairs to enter the Buddha image. Locals like to speak loudly in this tunnel since we believe that it will bring great encouragement and good fortune. So drink some water, and prepare your vocal chord!

In addition to the ancient sanctuary that comes with stunning decoration. Wat Si Chum also has a history for you to study. There are historical traces on the wall, which is called the Wat Si Chum inscription. Here you will find the descriptions of the establishment of the Thai royal family during the Sukhothai period. Plus, the paintings here are over 700 years old, so take a look! 

It is a pity that Wat Si Chum now does not allow visitors to enter the sanctuary closely, to prevent the wall from being scratched and causing damage to the history. But, you can still visit other areas within the temple. And, if arriving at Wat Si Chum, of course, you will also visit the Sukhothai Historical Park with literally endless things to do and to see.

If you are traveling to Bangkok, it is worth coming here for a day-trip. Just a short drive and you will experience a completely different world of the past. Explore the glorious days and the first capital of Thailand with our Local Experts who will guide you through the way!

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Wat Si Chum opens daily from 07.00-17.30, and the entrance fee is 100 THB for visitors. Coming to Sukhothai, you wouldn’t want to miss the famous dish! Try Kuay Teow Sukhothai, or Sukhothai twist noodles. But, don’t forget they do come super-spicy, so you might cool down with the popular lime juice found over the city. If you are looking for a serene relaxing time, take a look at Wat Traphang Thong or the Temple of the Coral Pond. We promise you will definitely love its exquisite view!

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